POPGuide offers its users a high-quality, self-guided audio-tour of a city's main points of interest. Users can also reach all points of interest very easily by means of the offline digital map, wherever in the city they may be, their user experience further enhanced by the innovative "Get Me Home" button.


POPGuide is a revolutionary product designed for all categories of hotels as a source of innovation, exclusivity, profit, cost-saving and prestige; the added-value which is currently so lacking in the tourism industry. Imagine being able to offer your guests a city map which is fully functional and navigable offline that includes an original audio-tour in over 7 languages, also directions (either on foot or by car) to reach points of interest or to return to the hotel ("Get Me Home") and numerous other advantages for your establishment.

Once the user has downloaded POPGuide on to their smartphone or tablet from one of the online stores, it will be you the hotelier who provides the user with their log-in details.

The internal layout of the App will take on the colours and branding of your hotel, so the user associates it with your establishment. The Home Location on the map, i.e. your hotel, highlights any information you want to share with the user: address, telephone number and email address, link to online reservation website, also to the social media and TripAdvisor profiles of the hotel.

From time to time you will receive a usage report compiled from the activity of your guests, in order that you adapt your own offering to an evolving market.

This is just the start, as including your own mark-up you can still market POPGuide to your guests at a truly competitive price!

  • Chinese
  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese


The Commercial Partners of POPGuide have exclusive access to the POPGuide back-end service platform and are the only ones able to create entry codes for their guests by following a few very simple steps.

Create log-in details, either for one or more guests (e.g. a single code for multiple log-ins) in a few seconds.
Create your hotel profile as the Home Location (e.g. your address, telephone number, email address, link to reservation system, social media and TripAdvisor etc.)
Create and insert Star Points (e.g. suggested restaurants, vendors, shuttle pick-up and drop-off points, etc.)
Translate and insert all the information you provide in all the various languages supported by POPGuide, so foreign guests will be able to see the Home Location and other info in their own language


The functionality of POPGuide is be enhanced by an additional, revolutionary tool, The Marketplace, which will allow your guests to purchase excursions, tours, visits of the main city attractions of the city and also other local experiences which will all be listed according to category.

The True Advantage?

You, the distributor of the App to your guests, will benefit from healthy commissions arising from cross-selling and other choices made by your clients. As a matter of fact you participate in every moment spent by the client in your city and enjoy the privilege of always being represented by your logo and branding.


Usage Report

We will share every useful detail with you regarding the usage of the App by your guests, offering you the possibility to gain an insight in to your clients' tastes and habits whilst at the same time influencing their choices and maximising your revenue.


The layout of the App will promote your brand by showing your logo and using your preferred colors, making your guests’ experience more memorable.


Once downloaded your guests will have access to all content without internet connection, avoiding costly roaming charges.

Get me home

Your hotel will be clearly marked on the map by the “Home icon”. Guests can always find the best or shortest way back from any location within the city by using the navigation tool in their preferred language. Whether by car or on foot they can feel like a local in any city around the globe


POPGuide can rely on an exclusive and continually expanding database of original audio content. This portfolio includes all the most well-known and visited attractions and points of interest in over 150 cities in more than 7 languages.


  • Engaging and original audio content
  • Each audio clip lasts no longer than 3 minutes
  • Music and natural sounds enhance the user's audio experience
  • The focus is on the curiosities and lesser-known information about each featured location


POPGuide can be found both on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

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