Through a mobile app, POPGuide offers its users a high-quality, self-guided audio-tour of every feature and point of interest of a museum. Thus, the museum becomes accessible to an unlimited number of visitors at the same time as eliminating any unnecessary logistics and related costs.

The client accesses not only all the relevant information about the museum indifferent languages on their device, but also the map of the city in which the museum is located. This map is navigable offline so users can also reach all points of interest very easily, wherever in the city they may be, without incurring any roaming charges.

Culture for everyone, now mobile

POPGuide is perfectly suited to cater for the needs of every museum, it will create growth for the museum by making it more innovative, modern and evolving to the needs of the demanding visitor. With POPGuide, culture will no longer be a privilege for the few but a right available to all.

The museum will remain not only in the visitor’s memory but in their pocket too, as will all the information which museums share with these visitors accompanied by their logo and contact details which will forever link their city to the museum.

The museum will remain the sole distributor of POPGuide to their own visitors, who will download POPGuide free from one of the online stores (App Store, Google Play, etc) and be able to access its contents through the log-in details provided by the museum in advance of the visit. The log-in details can be automatically included on every museum ticket sent out, thereby simplifying distribution.

POPGuide will take on the colours, branding and logo or symbol of the museum, thereby making it immediately recognisable.

The museum will also be represented on the map of the city as the Home Location, which offers a profile of the museum when clicked on. This profile will be fully bespoked to the museum and shares with the user any information decided by the museum e.g Address & directions, summary, social media links, TripAdvisor profile, opening hours, car parking, etc.

From time to time the museum will receive a usage report compiled from the activity of their guests, in order that they get to know their visitors better and adapt their offering to an evolving market.


All museum partners of POPGuide have exclusive access to the POPGuide back-end service platform and are the only ones able to create entry codes for their guests by following a few very simple steps. As previously stated, these log-in details can automatically be included on tickets.

Firstly the research and development of the audio and visual contents for the museum is a task completed in partnership, i.e. translation and recording of all audio content into any other languages required (so foreign guests will be able to hear and read all info in their own language)
Secondly comes the creation of Star Points for the digital map (e.g. suggested restaurants, vendors, shuttle pick-up and drop-off points, etc.)
Thirdly one must create the museum profile for the map Home Location which will promote the museum and allow POPGuide users to navigate to the museum wherever they are.
The content of POPGuide can always be updated in real time therefore POPGuide is the perfect and adaptable solution which can be combined with temporary exhibitions.


Depending on the museum’s wishes, the functionality of POPGuide can be enhanced by an additional, revolutionary tool, The Marketplace. This Marketplace allows museum guests to purchase other excursions, tours and visits in the city which in turn generate a new revenue stream for the museum via cross-selling.


Usage Report

We will share every useful detail with our museum partners regarding the usage of the App by their guests, offering them an insight in to your clients' tastes and habits whilst at the same time influencing their choices and maximising their revenue.


The appearance of the app publicises the brand of the museum by means of the logo and colours which are incorporated, which in turn make the experience of the visitor more memorable. Thereby POPGuide assists the building of the reputation and renown of the museum, so through word-of-mouth contributes to a heightened level of interest towards the museum and its cultural offering.

Museum&City Package

With POPGuide, every visitor will benefit from an extension of the museum visit which takes the form of a self-guided tour of the city.


A temporary exhibition? New works of art on show? Contents in several languages? These situations are no problem for POPGuide, its online software allows content for the visitor’s smartphone to be updated remotely and in real-time, thereby removing any obstacles caused by language or other whilst ensuring an up-to-date service of the highest quality.


Through the Museum&City package, the museum will also appear on the digital map of the city where the museum is located. Therefore the museum can be reached from any point of the city, either driving, on foot or by metro, all without incurring roaming charges as the map funtions offline. This feature also allows the museum to gain an insight into their visitors’ behaviour even once they are outside the museum.

With POPGuide, culture will no longer be a luxury.


  • Engaging and original audio content
  • Each audio clip lasts no longer than 3 minutes
  • Music and natural sounds enhance the user's audio experience
  • The focus is on the curiosities and lesser-known information about each featured location


POPGuide can be found both on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

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