The Complete Technological Solution

POPGuide is a mobile application solution for your clients which comprises a city map which is fully functional and navigable offline, which will allow them to get the most out of their free time whilst helping them to feel at home wherever they are and removing any risk of them getting lost.

The client will gain access to the maps of their destination cities directly from their own smartphone, each of the maps are complemented by a high-quality audio tour of the city in multiple languages.

POPGuide is the innovative solution which will offer you limitless commercial opportunities whilst adding value to your client's experience.

Leading the way forward, always with a personal touch.

POPGuide adapts itself perfectly to the needs of every city visitor, allowing them to get the most out of their free time in each city. The user can always find where they are and benefits from an insight into the main attractions and points of interest in their local area.

The internal appearance of the app is completely personalised with your logo, your company colours, your contacts, also every type of additional information, address or recommendation which you wish to highlight to your guests. Thus, every guest's experience is unique and forever associated with you.

POPGuide can be downloaded from all online stores (iOS, Google Play, etc) but only allows the user access to your content with the log-in credentials which you provide them.

Log-in details can automatically be included with every confirmation you send, thereby simplifying distribution and its usefulness thanks to new content and innovation.

The data collected from the usage of POPGuide by its users is shared with you by means of a periodic usage report. The data will give you a better knowledge of the habits and tastes of your clients in order to anticipate their future needs and offer solutions bespoke to them.

  • Chinese
  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese


You will have exclusive access to the online back-end POPGuide platform therefore you will be the only ones able to create access codes to POPGuide content for all your guests by following some very simple short steps.

Select the relevant destination cities and create the bespoke content in any of the languages spoken by your guests. The user will then be able to see a Home Location in all chosen cities (e.g. hotel, shuttle departure point, etc) and the Star Points (all locations such as restaurants or vendors which you would like to draw their attention to). All Home Locations and Star Points are easily reached from any part of the city map.
Customise POPGuide with your company colours and logo, therefore combining with the high-quality app content to create a branded offering which can be immediately recognised by your clients. This is of course a concept that can be easily reproduced in all the destinations that you wish.
Create unique log-in details which can only be used by your clients, log-in details which can be used to unlock maps and audio contents in one or more cities.
Update digital content constantly and in real time, avoiding costly printing runs which were necessary when distributing information using paper. POPGuide as a result is the perfect solution to accompany the client for the full duration of their travel experience.


If you wish, POPGuide can be enriched with an additional functionality, the Markeplace, through which city visitors can book additional visits and excursions right from the moment they made their initial tour booking. You as the distributor of POPguide, will receive a commission from the revenue generated from the purchases of these guests.


POPGuide will emphasise the importance and renown of your company branding, also the quality of the experience that you offer your clients.

The clients will have all relevant material about their trip on their smartphone, which they can check offline and at any time, this info of course can be updated in real-time in case of any last-minute changes. The client will have upon their return home an extremely details picture postcard of their trip which they will be able to show their friends and family.

The Star Points indicate all the vendors, restaurants, meeting points or other points of interest which you wish to show your clients during their trip, ensuring they feel valued and informed for the entire duration of their trip.

Thanks to an innovative system of Push notifications you will be able to communicate further with your clients, promoting other tours and packages that you offer, you therefore benefitting from a previously unavailable marketing distribution channel.

The content, intrigue and originality of the audio commentary, all produced exclusively in-house by Vox, will be the soundtrack to accompany your clients' stay.


Usage Report

We will share every useful detail with you regarding the usage of the App by their guests, offering you an insight in to your clients' tastes and habits whilst at the same time influencing their choices and maximising your revenue.


The appearance of the app publicises your brand by means of your logo and colours which are incorporated, creating a concrete link between your firm and the positive city experience enjoyed by the client.

The Keys to the City

With POPGuide, the city visitor can feel at home even if it is their first visit. The Points of Interest and Star Point allow the actual visits that the client makes to be combined with a “compass” of the city which ensures they never get lost and always remain informed during their free time.


You can update and/or change any piece of information at any time (regarding e.g. a hotel, meeting point, Star Point, etc) which the client then sees immediately.


  • Engaging and original audio content
  • Each audio clip lasts no longer than 3 minutes
  • Music and natural sounds enhance the user's audio experience
  • The focus is on the curiosities and lesser-known information about each featured location


POPGuide can be found both on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

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